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Top 11 Different Types of Technology 2022

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There are many different types of technology. Technology definition is vast and deep. Technology keeps advancing to produce many changes. People can now find technology everywhere. From machines to tools, instruments, transportation, communication devices, etc., are products of technology.

Technology is meant to solve humanity’s problems and fulfill human needs. Almost every product of technology is for human needs. Technology is used to achieve a specific goal, process actions, and create tools. In most straightforward words, technology is the application of knowledge of science to achieve a specific goal.

Technology is applied in almost all we do. We apply it in almost all of our daily activities. And it makes living better for us.


Different types of technology.

1. Medical Technology

Medical technology is a branch of technology that deals with applying knowledge and skills to produce modern tools such as machines, devices, medicines, vaccines, and many other medical tools for treating, monitoring, and improving people’s health.

Indeed, Medical technology is one of the top types of essential technology. It is created for health conditions, saving people’s lives, and extending life. This technology is crucial as it is created to sustain health, make recovery faster, and maximize pain.

This technology has made a significant impact on human life. Many well-developed countries invest in this technology to leap up to their healthcare system.

Examples of medical technology

  • Robotic surgery
  • Stethoscope
  • CT scan
  • Ventilator
  • mHealth, etc.

2. Business Technology

Business technology is defined as applying data, engineering, information, and science to achieve economic goals.

The business field is becoming more technological since technology has made business management more effortless. Technology has been helping in the business world in many ways, such as it helps make transactions easy, faster, more convenient, and more efficient. It also changes sales, data collection, accounting data, logistics, promotion of goods, and other business stuff.

3. Communication Technology

This type of technology can be defined as the transfer or sharing of information with devices. There are several devices for communicating created with technology. The devices include telephones, computers, etc.

Communication technology is one of the most used technologies every day. Discussing ideas, sharing/spreading information, and expressing thoughts exemplify how communication technology has become the most used today.

Communication in less time and whenever a person wishes will be difficult and inconvenient without this technology. This technology helps to communicate in both personal life and professional life quickly and at a convenient time.

Examples of communication technology

  • Social media
    • Messenger apps
    • Team collaboration apps

      4. Education Technology

      Education Technology can be defined as utilizing computer hardware and software tools, educational practices, and theory to enhance learning.
      Education technology aims to enhance the processes and methods of learning and technologically assist learners in their studies.

      With this type of technology, students could achieve more profound knowledge and understanding of their studies. Learners are provided with easier access to materials for learning with this type of technology.

      5. Architectural Technology

      Architecture Technology is a type of technology that deals with applying science to design buildings and other structures. This technology consists of several industries like material manufacturing, construction, residential contract, and real estate.

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      6. Construction Technology

      Construction technology is a type of technology that deals with the process of a construction phase of a project. This technology includes the collection of machinery, software, modifications, and innovative tools used in construction to help advance construction methods.

      Construction technology includes virtual reality and wearables, 3D printing, data collection apps, Drones, and Artificial intelligence.

      7. Operational Technology

      Operational technology deals with controlling industrial equipment, assets, and processes by using hardware and software with a focus on the physical world.

      Examples of Operational technology

      • Programmable logic controllers.
        • Distributed control systems.
        • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems.
        • Scientific equipment.
        • Computer numeric control.
        • Building Management and Building Automated systems.
        • Lighting controls for internal and external applications, and
        • Transportation systems for the built environment.

                    8. Agricultural Technology

                    Agricultural technology can be defined as a type of technology that deals with utilizing technology tools, machinery, and chemicals in agriculture to control and improve the growth of plants and animals for good and better result and harvesting animal and vegetable products.

                    Examples of agricultural technology

                    • Harvest Automation
                      • Autonomous tractors

                      9. Robotics Technology

                      Robotics technology is a type of technology that involve the production of machines called robot that replicate human actions. This technology is almost used in working places. And it almost brings artificial devices closer to living organisms.

                      Robotics are usually designed to reduce human effort. Some robotics have artificial skin, muscles, brains, noses, e.t.c. They usually have elastic electric cables and many different parts to function well.

                      Examples of Robotics technology

                      • Entertainment robotics: These robotics are designed to help young minds. It attracts young minds, which can help them learn and understand things faster and with joy.
                        • Household robotics: Example of this includes cooking bots, vacuum bots, and lawn-mower.
                        • Industrial Robotics: This is usually found in the manufacturing industry. Industrial robotics help work to be done faster and effortlessly.

                          10. Information Technology

                          Information technology helps create, store, and process data through some devices and software to achieve the desired outputs, which can help deliver information. Information technology helps information spread faster than ever before. It makes people more current on what is going on throughout the world.

                          Examples of information technology

                          • Telephone
                          • Radio
                          • Personal computer
                          • Voice and video system

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                                11. Energy Technology

                                Energy technology can be defined as the processes used to create energy. Energy technology is used to generate, store and transmit energy for different purposes.

                                Examples of energy technology

                                • Solar panels: Solar panels generate power with energy from the sun’s rays. These panels are helpful to people. They use the panels to power some powered-based tools/devices at home, office, or even almost everywhere they are.
                                • Fossil fuel: This energy is a non-renewable source of energy. Petroleum, oil shales, bitumens, coal, heavy oils, etc., are what fossil fuel includes.
                                • Power generation: Batteries are the best example of a power generation item. They help store energy for future consumption. And people use the battery to power other forms of technology. Clocks, calculating devices, television remotes, and even phones are examples of what batteries are used for.
                                • Solar radiation: Solar radiation is a term for electromagnetic radiation. It is used to generate heat and electricity.
                                • Hydrogen: Hydrogen is used to generate electricity, power, and heat in fuel cells. It is the most used in refining.
                                • Waste-to-energy: This is generating electricity/heat from waste products. The waste products may include paper, plastic, yard waste, products made from wood, etc.

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