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Top 6 Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

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Top 6 Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

How you can make educational technology work for you?

Generally, technology positively impacts the whole world, not in the classroom alone. Even it has made the whole world easier and better to live. Many items used in the classroom many years back have been replaced with better items to enhance learning.

However, there are many benefits of technology in the classroom, but this article compiled the top 6 benefits of technology in the classroom.

Technology in the classroom has many advantages for both students and lecturers/teachers. It has made learning significantly easier for students in college and the other school grades. It also has a lot of benefits, and I will mention the top 6 benefits in this article.

Almost every school has been making use of advanced technology in their classroom. It is likely for the school students who use advanced technology in their classroom to comprehend their studies faster than the other schools that do not.


Top 6 Benefits of technology in the classroom

  1. Technology saves teachers time
  2. Technology saves teachers time in many ways. It helps them minimize the time used for teaching students and save their time via automated marking, sourcing pre-made activities, or just cutting back on paperwork. Teachers can now create their website online for their students to learn, which will save their time teaching. And also, it will let students access lessons on their own time.

  3. Technology creates a more engaging environment for the students
  4. Technology has created a more engaging environment for the students, making students more active in the classroom. Using advanced technology has been helping to attract students to their studies in the classroom.

    With technology, some devices have been created for the student to make learning easy and attractive for them. Devices like smartphones/tablets, computers, and other digital devices make study more attractive and comprehendible for students.

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  5. Technology makes learning more exciting and fun for both students and teachers
  6. There are so many apps/software that students can access lectures with. Smartphones, tablets and computers with those apps/software could make learning more exciting and fun for students. And that could make students more brilliant.

    The apps/software can be created in the form of a game and another engaging lesson to make it more interesting for students, and it will impact knowledge in students.

    Unlike many years back, teachers can now create a classroom website planning guide for students to allow students to do their assignments and ask quick questions about what they do not understand.

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  7. Technology Incorporates different learning styles
  8. Naturally, humans vary in terms of understanding. What some students can comprehend faster could be challenging to another student. Thanks to technology, which has made it easy to modify different learning styles.

    Recorded lessons, audiobooks, and podcasts are great examples of different learning styles. And they can give in return a great benefit for students and help them in the future.

  9. Technology improves collaboration in the classroom.
  10. Students can now share what they know, share ideas, opinions, etc., through social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. And this will improve the collaboration of students. For example, students can share knowledge through text, pictures, voice calls and video calls.

    I have a junior brother who collaborates with his school colleagues through a WhatsApp group to learn more about what they were taught in the classroom. The WhatsApp class takes place after the school period at a specific time daily. Students from different schools are also in the WhatsApp group. They share ideas and learn together in the WhatsApp group.

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  11. Technology helps to prepare students for the future
  12. Using technology in the classroom can help prepare students for the future by helping them to know how to navigate social media platforms or the internet in general. And this could be useful to them in the future if the internet is still alive. And there is 100 per cent assurance that it will be alive even forever.

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